Welcome to the WORLD RADIO DAY initiative

Through the World Radio Day initiative, radio broadcasters and their sales houses invite the industry to celebrate a medium that forms a key part of the lives of millions of people around the world. We celebrate the only mass medium that speaks to each listener in a different way.

Happy World Radio Day 2023

Radio delivers strong ROI, amplifies the media mix and helps brands grow. 

About the initiative

The objective of the WRA’s World Radio Day project is to draw public’s attention to the unique value of radio, which remains the medium to reach the widest audience and is currently taking up new technological forms and devices. Our initiative has been supported by a number of national and international media associations as well as individual radio broadcasters. Explore our project and discover the power of radio!

With this dedicated section on our website, WRA highlights radio’s core strengths: its ability to reach a huge and engaged audience, its exceptional offer to advertisers, its creative power and its innovation for the listeners of today and tomorrow.

World Radio Day 2023

To celebrate the World Radio Day, the World Radio Alliance and egta, the association of TV and radio advertising sales houses, uncover ten facts about radio that may surprise brands. The compelling insights and argumentation, often unknown to marketers, are backed by data and research from around the globe. 

World Radio Day by UNESCO

On the occasion of World Radio Day, UNESCO calls on radio stations to celebrate this event and the more than 110 years of radio.