HAPPY WORLD RADIO DAY 2022: Discover how radio drives business for brands

Radio delivers strong ROI, amplifies the media mix and helps brands grow. Who better than marketers themselves can testify to radio’s core strengths? WRA is proud to showcase industry leaders’ testimonials on how radio and audio help them achieve their marketing objectives. Let’s hear from the advertisers!

Discover the power of radio!

The World Radio Alliance has been formed to escalate the international conversation, about the power and importance of radio all around the globe. Radio is the world’s trusted friend, and as it continues to play a central role in the audio revolution, the World radio alliance is here to guide you through it.

Javier Coromina, Media and Communications Director, Adam Foods

“Radio is a great medium to reach consumers, it’s unique in credibility and flexibility and it retains a unique reach and geographic targeting capabilities. It really helps to reach people’s hearts.”

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Robert Hyland, Senior Marketing, Brand Operations, Strategic Planning, Bank of Ireland

“Radio continues to provide the agility, cost effectiveness and impact required to drive effective brand and transactional marketing messages.”

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Nathalie Jacquier, Director of Strategic Marketing and Brand France and Group, Carrefour

Radio is a real promotional medium – it generates in-store traffic and also allows us to build our image among our target audience. We all know that radio is also an everyday medium, best-placed for getting close to consumers

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Bjorn Van der Cruyssen, Head of Media, Colruyt Group 

“Audio (radio and online audio) is for Colruyt Group the pre-eminent medium, as our campaigns focus on the lower part of the marketing funnel (conversion) and because of its two great strengths: reach and activation.”

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Raphaël Metter-Rothan, Media Director,  Desjardins

“We use Radio as a strategic way to supplement our brand campaigns at a far more localized level that national media can provide.”

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Stefano Berni, General Director, Grana Padano

“Radio is an effective communication tool and an incredibly flexible medium, suitable for different categories and types of users.”

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Ben Jankowski, Former Group Head, Global Media, MasterCard; Founder/CEO, Modern Media Solutions

“As we, us marketers struggle to try to find ways to break through and provide impact and ultimately drive our business, think about radio. It’s the ultimate vehicle.”

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Bianca Dyckhoff, Senior Media Manager Ice-cream, Unilever Germany

“We have integrated audio in our media mix, especially for our ice cream brands because audio ads can very easily combine the video, online video and TV assets with static assets from print, OOH and digital.”

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Alberto Federici, Marketing Director UnipolSai

“UnipolSai has been investing in radio for years because radio is an excellent medium for an integrated communication strategy alongside digital and, above all, television.”

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Niall Reynolds, Marketing Manager Vodafone Ireland

“Radio provides a flexible medium for creative engagement.”

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Testimonials from top US advertisers, agencies and radio companies by The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB)

The reel includes radio advertising heavyweights like Procter & Gamble, with Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard extolling the virtues of the medium. “Audio and radio are great at reaching consumers and that’s because of consumer behavior,” he says. “They’re listening to the radio and listening to podcasts and listening to audio. That’s why it’s such a great medium. That’s where people are spending their time.