Radio builds brands

On the occasion of World Radio Day 2024, The World Radio Alliance uncovers 7 reasons why radio is an effective medium for brand building. The compelling insights and argumentation, often forgotten by marketers, are backed by data and research from around the globe.

7 ways
radio builds brands

Trust, engagement and community

Radio stands out as a trusted medium that fosters companionship and connection with listeners.

Emotional connection

Radio establishes deep emotional connections with its audience, leaving a lasting impact on brand perception

Attention and memory

Radio drives attention, nurturing brand memory and recall, thereby enhancing overall brand performance

Creativity & theatre of the mind

Radio empowers creative storytelling and ignites listeners’ imagination

Sonic branding

Sonic branding carves a distinctive identity in the auditory landscape, making the brand more memorable in the mind of the listener

Brand integration

Radio’s unique capabilities extend beyond traditional 30-second spots, offering opportunities for creative and original brand experiences

Synergy with other media

Radio seamlessly amplifies other advertising channels. A cross-media marketing strategy amplifies brand awareness and recognition

World Radio Day 2024

World Radio Day 2024 marks 100 years of radio, a period in which it has become the medium that is arguably closest to human hearts and minds, providing news, entertainment, and education in all corners of the world. On this special occasion, Unesco calls upon governments, regulatory bodies, the technology and automotive industries, and all members of the global radio community to put safeguards in place to ensure that radio continues to thrive.